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Research, Educate, Engage Research, Educate, Engage Research, Educate, Engage Research, Educate, Engage Research, Educate, Engage Research, Educate, Engage 'The relationship between antisemitism and other forms of racism and exclusion is not only a historical question. it is an urgent issue for today.' professor David Feldman, Director

Innovative research and teaching. interdisciplinary, independent, inclusive


The Pears Institute for the study of Antisemitism was launched in November 2010.

Our founding principle is that the study of antisemitism is vital to understanding all forms of racism, prejudice and xenophobia.

We are a centre of innovative research and teaching and contribute to discussion and public policy formation on antisemitism and intolerance.

Based at Birkbeck, University of London, and established by the Pears Foundation, the Institute is both independent and inclusive.


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Toward a History of the Term “Anti-Semitism”

David Feldman traces the changing meanings of the term ‘anti-Semitism’ from the late nineteenth century to the present.

The American Historical Review Roundtable: Rethinking Anti-Semitism

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Corbyn’s Labour, British Jews and Antisemitism: Will Peace Now Break Out?

Or are the conflicts too deep and the definition of antisemitism too flimsy? 

Read David Feldman and Brendan McGeever


Antisemitism and Immigration in Western Europe Today: is there a connection?

A five-nation study - April 2018

BBK J5998 Pears Institute Reports ENGLAND FINAL REPORT COVER 180409


The Left and Antisemitism

We need more than denunciations and expulsions to confront how the Left talks about capitalism, race and Jews - read David Feldman and Brendan McGeever 


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The Institute is located within Birkbeck College, a world-class research and teaching institution. We have unrivalled expertise in the teaching of religious and racial intolerance and multiculturalism across a wide range of disciplines.

At Birkbeck you can study: antisemitism, ethnicity, immigration, intolerance and identity, multiculturalism, racialization, racism and xenophobia.

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Doctoral Research

There are many opportunities to study for your PhD with the Pears Institute. The Institute's staff and Associates welcome research students whose projects fall within their areas of interest.

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'Warrant for Genocide'? Hitler, the Holocaust and the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'

Speaker: Sir Richard Evans

5 February 2019


Modernity and Jewish Experience: On Zygmunt Bauman’s Sociology of the Jewish Question

Speaker: Ben Gidley

12 February 2019


Placeless People: the Calamity of Statelessness

Speakers: Les Back, Lyndsey Stonebridge and Daniel Trilling

18 February 2019


Un/settled Relations? India, Minorities and the Tropes of Jewish-Muslim Difference

Speaker: Yulia Egorova

26 February 2019


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Latest Podcasts

1938 in Retrospect

Scholars make presentations to mark the eightieth anniversaries of Kristallnacht and the Kindertransport.

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Challenging Denial: From Slavery to the Holocaust

Our panel of experts explore how and why denial operates.

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After Multiculturalism? Conversations between History and Sociology

Scholars discuss: the past and present of ‘multiculturalism’; the shifting politics of class, race and difference in post-1968 Britain; and the role and responsibilities of anti-racist scholarship. 

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Jews of Colour: Race and Afro-Jewishness

Professor Lewis Gordon explores some unique challenges and dynamics faced specifically by Afro-Jews, in light of the tendency in Euromodern scholarship to erase the African elements, in what is now known as ‘western’ history and its religions.

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Jews, Muslims, Frenchmen: The Promises and Perils of Fraternity

Professor Ethan Katz traces the simultaneous development of coexistence and conflict among Jews and Muslims in France across the twentieth century and up to our own time.

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Shaming with Images: German Responses to Atrocity Films, 1945-46

Professor Ulrike Weckel discusses the complexities involved in understanding the attitudes and actions of the shamed.

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‘Please mind the gap’: Integrated histories and geographies of the Holocaust and Holocaust memory

Professor Tim Cole explores the gaps within Holocaust scholarship and some of the ways that those gaps have been filled by scholars.

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Cosmopolitanism: Jewish and Postcolonial Perspectives

Three leading scholars consider what cosmopolitanism means today.

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Zionism and Antisemitism: an International Conference

Scholars examine the interaction between Zionism and antisemitism as it has developed from the nineteenth century through to the present day.

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The Meanings of Antisemitism

Professor David Feldman examines the changing meanings of antisemitism since the term’s first use.

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