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International Consortium for Research on Antisemitism and Racism

The events organised by the Consortium are interdisciplinary in scope, explore the cross-currents of time and place and address topical and theoretical questions and issues. Both historical and multidisciplinary perspectives are used to aid our understanding of contemporary concerns and phenomena.

Annual Conferences

27-28 June 2016: The Classification of Humanity: Defining and Dividing Societies in the Modern Era. Hosted by Bucerius Institute for the Study of Contemporary German History and Society and Department of Jewish History, Haifa University. Find Out More »

4-6 June 2015: Gender, Memory and Genocide, Berlin. Hosted by the Center for Research on Antisemitism, Berlin Institute of Technology. Find Out More »

16-18 June 2014: Narratives of Violence, Budapest. Hosted by the Jewish Studies Program at Central European University. Find Out More »

19-21 June 2013: Boycotts - Past and Present, London. Hosted by the Pears Institute for the study of Antisemitism. Find Out More »


14-16 December 2014: Interdisciplinary workshops exploring new thinking on 'Theory', 'Holocaust Studies' and 'Postcolonialism'. Held at the Association of Jewish Studies National Conference, Baltimore.

Posted: November 2011
Updated: December 2015